Daniel Roldan

Criss-crossing the globe on behalf of Matrix for the past 10 years, Matrix Artistic Director Daniel Roldan is hailed as a hair rock star in more than 40 countries.  From India, Italy and Indonesia, to Prague, Spain, China and Dubai, this gifted artist has mastered the international language of beauty.  He prides himself on being able to adapt and communicate with every audience, as he strives to lift the skills and imagination of his fellow hairdressers in every corner of the world.

Daniel launched his career in Cleveland, where, as a salon owner, he first became acquainted with Matrix.  In 2001 he accepted an offer from the company to relocate to New York to help introduce the brand through education worldwide.  "It was supposed to be for a year or two," he remembers, "but I never left!"

Best known for his cutting skills, Daniel also believes that any style is enhanced by color, so he always creates a color pattern when he designs a cut and style.  No matter what he's teaching, he cites the ability to empower stylists to create "that moment when a client looks in the mirror and her stress melts away as she takes in her transformation," as the single most motivating aspect of his work.

His soft-spoken, polished demeanor and substantial expertise have resulted in frequent television appearances, including The Today Show, Fox News New York, Montel Williams and Oprah.  He is also sourced regularly by beauty publications like Allure, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen, and by trade journals like American Salon and Modern Salon magazines.  Among the "leading ladies" who have sat in his chair are Michelle Rodriguez, Justina Machado, Mena Suvari and Devon Aoki. 

In April 2011, subsequent to his very first entry, he received his first North American Hairstyling Award nomination, in the Texture category. 

When he's not traveling on behalf of Matrix, Daniel currently cares for clients at the renowned Cutler Salon in New York City.

"Matrix has been so supportive and I have grown so much in my years with the company," Daniel comments.  "Matrix is all about education, and in order to provide the best possible instruction, I must constantly improve my own skills to withhold the standard."

Get to Know Daniel Roldan:

Proudest Professional Moment:
"Five years after my first show in India, I was invited to return to do a show for 3,000 hairdressers.  There were eight LED screens, they were cheering and screaming.  It was like a U2 concert!  It felt so great to touch so many hairdressers."

What Inspires Him:
"After traveling so much, I've developed what I call the ‘world eye.'  I see so many things that most people don't normally get to see-origami in Japan, albino sea turtles in Sri Lanka, Russian needlework-and they all spark ideas for my work."

Mentors and Role Models:
"I'm a sponge-I soak up education wherever I can get it.  Then I take the best from each of these teachers and make it my own."

Personal Style:
"Classic chic-not too traditional and not too trendy."

Professional Style:
"I like to design hair with a decisive and definite shape and soft, natural interior movement."

Best Advice He Ever Received:
"One of my teachers gave me this mantra for success: professionalism, education, technique.  These three words guide me to this day."

On His "To-Do" List:
"It's sometimes difficult for stylists in smaller, outlying communities to access high quality, professional education.  I'd like to be able to bring education to these professionals, and help raise the standards of work in their salons and the standard of beauty in their communities."