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  • Emulsify Design Pulse&spamp;nbsp;Thermo Glide Express Blow Out Cr&spamp;egrave;me&spamp;nbsp;in palms and distribute through damp hair. Blow-dry using round brush starting at nape, continuing up the back
  • Crimp hair from scalp area to ends by clamping hair between serrated plates and holding. Create continuous texture pattern and complete section. Continue crimping using horizontal sub-sections until complete
  • Flat-iron top section from scalp area to approximately 4" down. Switch to crimping iron for remainder of strand creating contrast in texture. Complete top section
  • Allow set to cool. Lightly brush through mid-lengths and ends using cushion brush to separate and expand crimped hair. For additional separation, the end of a tail comb may be used
  • Mist with&spamp;nbsp;Design Pulse Hard Lock Extra Strong Hold Hairspray&spamp;nbsp;for long-lasting style and hold

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