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  • Wash hair with Total Results&spamp;nbsp;Curl Shampoo&spamp;nbsp;and&spamp;nbsp;Conditioner
  • On damp hair, apply&spamp;nbsp;Super Defrizzer&spamp;trade; Gel&spamp;nbsp;to softly sculpt curl with definition. Distribute with wide tooth comb.
  • Use diffuser attachment to spread out airflow and use low air setting to maintain texture and dry curls gently. Tilt head to side allowing hair to hang freely. Position diffuser beneath the hair. Push up and dry.
  • To finish apply&spamp;nbsp;Sleek Silk Wonder&spamp;trade; Smoothing Oil&spamp;nbsp;for shine. For additional hold, spray with&spamp;nbsp;Amplify Proforma Hairspray

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