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  • On damp hair, distribute&spamp;nbsp;Sleek Blow Down Leave-in Cream&spamp;nbsp;throughout. Blow-dry hair with hands until approximately 70% dry
  • Apply a small amount of&spamp;nbsp;Sleek Silk Wonder&spamp;trade; Smoothing Oil&spamp;nbsp;to mid-lengths and ends
  • Blow-dry hair with Denman&spamp;reg; or paddle brush using tension to smooth hair and maximize control. For coarse hair, separate hair into smaller sections for additional control and even smoothing. Start at nape and work up the back of head, directing nozzle and airflow down the strand. Repeat at sides maintaining tension. Complete entire head
  • For sophisticated, smooth waves spray&spamp;nbsp;Sleek Iron Smoother&spamp;nbsp;on narrow sub-section starting at front side. Use a 2" barrel Marcel iron on mid-lengths and ends, hold vertically, and wrap the hair 3-4 rotations around the iron while holding ends. Release and allow to cool. Continue around mid-length sections. When complete, relax curl by stretching ends
  • Brush through gently with a smoothing brush, encouraging rolling waves and fluid movement. Apply small amount of&spamp;nbsp;Sleek Silk Wonder&spamp;trade; Smoothing Oil&spamp;nbsp;for long lasting smoothness and shine

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