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Let go of Frizz and unwanted volume with state-of-the-art formulas inspired by nature that mimic the water resistant properties of the Camellia Flower.

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Matrix Hair Blog Frizzy Hair
LifeStyle Tips for Frizzy Hair

How to Care for and Tame Your Frizzy Hair, From Start to Finish!

Matrix Hair Blog Frizzy Hair
Smoothing Hair Care Tips

Frizzy hair is hard to love. It’s not sleek and silky, it’s not curly and adorable and it’s not wavy and sexy. It’s just…frizzy! With frizzy hair, you live in fear of rain, humidity or even perspiration, which can cause your hair to become even fuller and wilder! But there ARE solutions! The professionals at Matrix offer these tips on how to get your frizzy hair to look shiny, smooth and lustrous.

Matrix Hair Blog Frizzy Hair
Styling Tips for Frizzy Hair

Need to Know Frizzy Hair Styling Tips & 6 Frizzy Hairstyles for Your Hair Type

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