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Holiday Hair Tips From Biolage!

Matrix Holiday Biolage Tips 1

Defy Fade-Out

To ensure your color lasts for the entire holiday season, use a gentle system designed to keep your color looking fresh.

Matrix Holiday Biolage Tips 2

Say Good-bye To Dry

Keep hair hydrated during the harsh, winter months by adding a weekly deep conditioning treatment to you haircare routine.

Matrix Holiday Biolage Tips 3

Don't Settle for Flat Hair

Give your hair a boost by using conditioner only on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and avoid the scalp area where conditioner can trap oil and weigh hair down.

Matrix Holiday Biolage Tips 4

Shine on

Shine bright on the holiday party circuit by adding a few drops of oil to your condiitoner for an extra boost of shine and nourishment.

Matrix Holiday Biolage Tips 5

Style Without Damage

As you get party-ready, be sure to style with care by keeping styling tools at lower temperature settings and applying a heat protecting product prior to using thermal tools.

Matrix Holiday Biolage Tips 6

Avoid Stripping Over-Processed Tresses

For hair that is over-processed and needs to be restored, avoid shampooing too frequently which can damage hair and create brittleness.

Matrix Holiday Biolage Tips 7

Love Color, but worried about Damaged

For hair that is extremely damaged, consider alternative color services that give you results but are gentler such as ammonia-free and demi-permanent formulas.

Matrix Holiday Biolage Tips 8

Worried about Thinning hair?

Save time and your locks by using a dry shampoo to extend the time between shampooing as wet hair, if stretched through vigorous brushing, is particularly prone to breakage.


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