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SOCOLOR has it all - wide range of colors and shades for subtle to bold results...conditioning complex...predictable, stunning performance...and cost effective!

SOCOLOR is the first color line that offers Cera-Oil conditioning complex that remains in the hair for up to 30 shampoos - constantly strengthening hair even in between touch-ups. SOCOLOR not only cares for hair during touch ups, but in between as well!

Color with Confidence. No guessing. Just exceptional color results every time.

Reviews of Permanent SOCOLOR

02 Jul 2014 | SuperStylist
At first I had a hard time adjusting to the "SoColor" line. However, I can now say that this color line is great. To jump in and work with this color and not have educated yourself on it will equal disaster every time.
17 Jun 2014 | eder costa
I love working with so color ,color ,brightness and wire hair is soft,my customer are very happy,this really is five star so color.
14 Jun 2014 | Stacey
I love SoColor products I have used this product for years and have found it the best color line yet. I love mixing the brown neutrals with the violet reds and using the brown reds, they have such shine and always make my hair look healthy and beautiful.
12 May 2014 | Lisa
I've used this color for years. My sister in law, who colors hair for a living, suggested it. My grays are very hard to keep colored and after going through a few other coloring trys. This product was the only one that could keep the gray covered. Not only that but I tried the boxed stuff for years and my hair felt like straw. With this product, it's silky smooth.
07 May 2014 | Charlie Hodges
I agree with Curtis Nielsen and many others, very predictable and excellent color line. The main thing is to always remember your color wheel. If you know "brassy" is your result from other hair colors, then use a slight bit of violet additive, it cancels or neutralizes the brassy "boxed" color and gives you beautiful blondes every time. If orange is the tendency your additive would be blue to neutralize the orange and give you your predictable color. If by chance you are questioning a formula, or you do have a resulting color that is off, use the toll free number that is in the color chart and speak with a live Matrix Professional. You should use all the resources the company provides before throwing in the towel and/or giving a poor rating. You can also use the toll free number to request an in-service for yourself and your salon staff. Again, great product, great company, I've used the color line for 10 years with predictable results every time. I also use another line of hair color that I haven't had the results I achieve from socolor. A tip to help your reds be vibrant and pass along to your clients remember to wash your hair in as cool of water as you can possibly stand, and your reds will be vibrant longer and want fade as fast. ( This works with any hair color line!)
24 Apr 2014 | Curtis Nielsen
To all the people writing bad reviews for this color line, You're idiots. If you would actually educate yourself on the color line rather then treating it like some box color you've used before hand you'd get better results. Blondes go brassy because you're not adding the violet pigment you are supposed to when lifting more then 2 levels. If they had the amount of violet needed to tone out a jump of 4 levels in a level 10 hair color, if the same color was used on a natural level 9 it would go absolutely grey. The HD Collection does not have a controlled level, it's not to be temporary either, it's a super long lasting high lift red. If you put it over hair that is too light it will take on the secondary color on the swatch and come out like a carrot. Only time it's "Unpredictable" is when you either don't fill the hair when going darker, Don't add in necessary additions for going lighter, Or expect a hi lift blonde to be platinum. Educate yourself, and stop blaming a fantastic color line for your ignorance.
22 Apr 2014 | dickfacsdclpenishugger
this is lame like your mom!
22 Apr 2014 | Traci
How can I get more color education using logics hair color? I'm in the rochester ny area.
26 Mar 2014 | Linda
My hair stylist has been using this product on my hair for years. LOVE IT! My hair always comes out the perfect color.
25 Mar 2014 | silvia b
excelente el producto
25 Mar 2014 | SILVIA B
yo use el rojo en un cabello poroso quedo espetacular. antes se teñia mi clienta con issue un 5.65 yo puse un 5,5 de socolor quedo bello un pelo con movimiento e hidratado manejable y suave para mi una excelente tintura ahora soy fanatica de matrix
23 Mar 2014 | Lisa Sawlsville
Not sure how to tone down HD color that turned bright orange. I used 20 volume developer with socolor hd R on level 8 hair. Don't want to strip hair,would like it to be 6R. And how do you ever get rid of hd color when you want to go back to a natural looking haircolor?
22 Mar 2014 | christine
The reds never come out red they turn orange n pink I've used wellla koleston. Perfect for years n this so color doesn't compare. Its unpredictable n I'm to afraid to even try it on my clients any more I'm watching back to wells. Lesson learned the hard way.
12 Mar 2014 | Karen Lutz
17 Feb 2014 | Donna Thompson
I have used this for sevoral years and I feel it is a good product.
11 Feb 2014 | nicole
could u tell me what's the numbers of mocha color!! i am very confused with the names and i dont now the arithmology!
16 Jan 2014 | JALEH
04 Jan 2014 | ROBIN
04 Dec 2013 | Joni
I've been coloring my hair for years. I have used Matrix SoColor and I'm able to cover my roots/and do highlights in two colors. I just buy the hair color I want on ebay. Excellent product
22 Nov 2013 | Monick Tijerina
I swithched all of my Joico Verocolor for Matrix Socolor. What a huge mistake. The color is dull and the results do not compare with the consistency I was accustomed to with Joico. Of all the clients I used Socolor on, I was never pleased with any result. Not even gray coverage on a dark brown. I would recommend not using this color on a professional level.
18 Nov 2013 | Danielle
I am a qualified hairdresser now working in a matrix salon. I've come from a l'oreal background and found these colours everything but predictable. My hair was 8cc when going deeper chose 6cg and it neutralised! I tried stripping it anything copper I put on immediately goes red??
03 Nov 2013 | Sylvia Richey
I have lots light grey in front and darker in the back and Socolor holds the best and keeps its intensity. I color my own . Hair for decades. Why can't I buy the Color myself from a supplier?
15 Oct 2013 | Vuchi Nguyen
30 Sep 2013 | Seanna
My colour has faded in 3 days. What do I do to put colour back in? The hairdresser did my hair too
28 Sep 2013 | j. wise
I have used socolor for over 15 years and love. My only complaint is I can't get it unless through my hair dresser.....
25 Sep 2013 | juliana souza de jesus
adooooroo a coloraçao socolor trabalho com os produtos matrix sao excelentes parabens matrix cada vez crescendo mais e mais
16 Sep 2013 | zobeida soto
Wonderful product, using more than 25yrs.
12 Sep 2013 | Mandy
We use socolor in our salon at school and I like it, I've had amazing results while working on clients and adds a beautiful shine and makes the hair nice and soft in the process without all the damage that occurs during the chemical process. I say try it out :)
05 Sep 2013 | Marianella Halvorsen
I been using ULPA for a while, and then I was told it has been discontinued, where can I get it? I used to buy it at Glen Pro in Glendale
21 Aug 2013 | Candace
500 series is the best line I have found for grey hair. The hd hi lift colors for dark hair are awesome. The socolor line runs warm, the ash in Matrix is more purple than green, which makes it almost impossible for color correction. Use wella for correction & 500 series for grey coverage n u can't go wrong.
13 Aug 2013 | i am having difficulties with matrix so color being and coverage sucks... what am I doing wrong or has matrix went cheap
please help.. I use to love matrix socolor..
09 Jul 2013 | Janet Becker
My stylist has been using 508W and the results have been a beautiful warm reddish blonde. I have gotten many compliments on the color. The only problem is my stylist says she can no longer get 508W. :( Has this been discontinued by Matrix?
09 Jul 2013 | Maria Martinez M
19 Jun 2013 | Stacy
From personal experience it has turned strange colors more than once. It makes me terrified to use on my clients. I have used their ash tones on myself and it turned out fine.
02 Mar 2013 | Sharron
Hi. I got a halo hair extension wire which is a light auburn colour but its still lighter than my natural hair which is also auburn. I took it along to a sally's shop and the best match was the matrix socolour 8R, it was spot on looking at the shade shart. However, it was a lot darker than that after I dyed my hair. I used a 20 developer. Should I have used a 30 developer? Is there anything I can do to lighten the colour? Any advice would be gratefully received.
26 Feb 2013 | Cynthia
What are comparison colors in So Color? I use 10V and 10B in Logics. Thanks.
24 Feb 2013 | Pauline Walters
please help have been going hair dressers for ages, they just cant get it right. I am quite grey/white. Was originally a natural dark auburn/copper tones. Would like to be a mid auburn copper tones can you tell me right colours please, to include base and colour. I have the peroxide mix. Many thanks
20 Feb 2013 | robert sauer
i am in need of a color chart book do you know where i can get one
17 Feb 2013
08 Feb 2013 | Marguerite Paquette
06 Feb 2013 | Laura Linn
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