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Moisturizes and conditions hair, helping to alleviate the symptoms of dandruff.

A professional formula that moisturizes and conditions hair, helping to alleviate the symptoms of dandruff. Its unique design features a treatment-oriented tip for easy application on targeted problematic scalp areas.

Mint / Menthol

A fresh herb that provides an uplifting, cooling sensations.

Kola Nut

Seed kernel commonly used as a stimulating and revitalizing tonic.

In need of scalp purification
Apply to damp hair massage thoroughly and gently. Leave in for at least 1 minute. Rinse well.

Reviews of Scalpthérapie Anti Dandruff Conditioner

28 Feb 2014 | DM
I had been using this product for years and loved it. Myself as well as my hair stylist loved this product and can no longer find it. I see from all the comments that the product was discontinued? I have been trying other products, my scalp is itchy, dry and almost feel scabby! I really hope you bring this product back as it is the only thing that relieves my scalp and conditions my very thick long hair without using half the bottle. PLEASE RECONSIDER!! I have never written a review on anything before but I felt in this case it was necessary! Thank you
26 Feb 2014 | Kusuma
Required Scalp Therapy Matrix Biol age Sampoo. Need Procedure to buy.
03 Feb 2014 | Katie Siepierski
Though I don't have dandruff, I used this with your shampoo to clarify my hair and to help fade my color (I dye my hair with semis - pink) . These products together work so well and don't dry my hair and scalp out like typical anti dandruff shampoo or clarifying shampoos. It was great to be able to use a conditioner to help fade my color! I really do not like the route Biolage has taken ever since Loreal bought it. Loreal really, really has created a lot of unhappy customers. This used to help a lot of my clients out and I hate that the product I got them hooked on is no longer available. Really disappointed. Please bring it back and change your formulations back to the old ones that all of your loyal customers have been using for years and years!
18 Jan 2014 | Leslie Skibicki
I am so disappointed that you have discontinued this product. It is obvious that it has helped so many people including me. Most people who benefit from this product can't "just use something else". I have tried so many other products that I have had to throw out due to irritation and allergies and frankly most just don't work. I still use your shampoo but it still is not enough to control my dandruff issue. In combination with the conditioner however my scalp looked and felt great. Please, please reconsider and bring this product back.
03 Dec 2013 | Peter
Nothing else works on my dandruff. I've now tried about a dozen conditioners and none are even close to as good as this one. I could have used it every day and it left my hair shiny and my scalp moist and dandruff free. Please, please, please bring it back even it you do it only on special order!! Thank you.
30 Oct 2013 | Heidi
I agree. I NEED this conditioner, I can not find it ANTWHERE. Please bring this back. It is the ONLY thing that works on my hair and allows me to get my hair colored.
17 Oct 2013 | Sylvia
13 Oct 2013 | Clarissa
Please, please, please, do not discontinue this conditioner. This conditioner is the only shower product that has helped my husband's hair. All other anti-dandruff conditioners leave him with an itchy scalp. Please bring it back.
23 Sep 2013 | Alaina
Please keep this conditioner. It is the only one that smells heavenly and works on my scalp. We use it all the time and love it.
18 Sep 2013 | Doris
Please do not discontenue this product. This product is the only one that work with my scalp. I tried everything but nothing was working except this product.
18 Sep 2013 | Doris
Please do not discontenue this product. This product is the only one that work with my scalp. I tried everything but nothing was working except this product.
28 Aug 2013 | rossy
es el mejor producto contra la caspa y la dermatitis seboreica que he probado y ahora no lo encuentro por ninguna parte quisiera saber si me pueden decir donde puedo encontrarlo, soy de la romana republica dominicana. por favor me urge.
24 Aug 2013 | Karthik
Please dont discontinue this product.
18 Aug 2013 | D.Keir
Just wanted to add to the wall PLEASE BRING THIS BACK A.S.A.P.
06 Aug 2013 | Julie Widdis
I have been searching for a month for the Scalpthérapie Anti Dandruff Conditioner and can not find it any where. This is really ticking me off as this is the second shampoo/conditioner that another company did away with. Will you please bring it back, this is the best I have found for me especially with color treated hair. Any no one from Matrix has provided my hair salon with an answer to why these are discontinue.
04 Aug 2013 | Ray Sewell
Totally agree that this product along with the anti dandruff shampoo is the ONLY hair product that has worked to control my psoriasis. Please keep these products!
25 Jul 2013 | Sandra G
I agree with others this product was excellent at keeping dandruff and psoriasis under control. I have used it for years. Are you planning a similar product?
13 Jul 2013 | brown
please bring this product back, trying to keep my psoriasis under control is difficult and both the shampoo and conditioner has helped
10 Jul 2013 | Christina
Please bring this product back. I was forced to switched to another conditioner and now my scalp is itchy and I am starting to get dandruff. This seemed to be the only product that worked for me.
03 Jul 2013 | William Toma
Please bring this product back. It was the only product that helps me to clear out the dandruff. I have tried other products but non of them were affective as Biolage Anti-dandruff Conditioner. Please bring it back.
05 Jun 2013 | Rebecca
Wy did you stop making this? It is the only one of its kind. Please please please bring it back!
29 May 2013 | Alexis
PLEASE bring this back! This product worked wonders on my dry scalp and made my scalp feel great! No other product has the same effect!
26 May 2013 | Kara
Please bring this product back. My daughter has the worst dandruff and we tried so many other products that did not work. She used the conditioner only and it cleared her dandruff completely. We are so bummed that we can no longer get it!!!
26 May 2013 | AC
I agree with the othe reviewers. I love the Biolage Scalptherapie Anti-Dandruff Conditioner and it is diffcult to find! I accidentally bought the mint scalptheapie and I hate it! Everything from the smell to the burning tingle. Bring back the good version of scalptherapie! It is the only anti-dandruff conditioner that I've used that works on dandruff and itch!
16 May 2013 | Lanell Duffourc
I agree too...Please bring this back. It has worked better than anything else I have ever tried.
14 May 2013 | Charlie
Are ya'll doing this on purpose!!?? I cant stop itching and I've been all over TEXAS trying to find a pair of the anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner. I've cringed at having to try other products that are "recommended" in the salon, only to still be in so much pain. PLEASE BRING THIS PRODUCT BACK.
12 May 2013 | RAF
I agree. PLEASE bring this back!
26 Apr 2013 | Catherine
Please, please bring back this conditioner! I am itching so badly! This shampoo and conditioner combination is the only thing that works for me. The shampoo alone doesn't work. No other products help me.
16 Apr 2013 | Tracy F
I agree with the others. This conditioner is the only thing I have found to work on my scalp. It works without the shampoo, but the shampoo alone does not work. Please bring this product back.
14 Apr 2013 | Jen
Please please please bring this conditioner back. It is the only thing that EVER worked on my dandruff while making my hair feel great. Now that I only have the shampoo, my dandruff is completely back. I need both the shampoo and conditioner to rid the dandruff. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reconsider!!
02 Apr 2013 | Debbie
Since you are still showing this product on your website, are you reformulating it? What do you suggest we should use if you are discontinuing this product or reformulating it until we can purchase again?
29 Mar 2013 | Maz
Please bring back this conditioner it's the only thing that works on my scalp. I don't know of any alternatives!!!
28 Mar 2013 | Elizabeth
I am literally about to cry!!!! Why did you discontinue?!? in 20+ yrs this is the only combination that has 100% gotten RID of my dandruff and super cry scalp. I am SO upset you have no idea
27 Mar 2013 | Shannon Powell
Please bring this back! It's the only thing that works, many others agree. The shampoo alone doesn't work, it's something about the conditioner that makes it amazing.
12 Mar 2013 | Sir Roger Felgar
Um, why in the world did you discontinue this product? Bring it back now, please.
04 Mar 2013 | Z Burt
This product is amazing. Best ever, and it is conditioner that does the anti dandruff job the best!
01 Mar 2013 | Melissa Ramsey
I have severe allergies and this made my hair beautiful without giving me hives. Please bring this back. I can't find another conditioner that will work for me.
24 Feb 2013 | Mitzi Rosen
Have you ever thought of making your shampoos as 2 in 1
22 Feb 2013 | Rachael
This product is amazing, and I can't understand why it has been discontinued?? I've tried for years to find something that works and the combination of this shampoo and conditioner is the only thing that has worked, please bring it back into production!!
20 Feb 2013 | Jolynn
I absolutely love this stuff! I battled dandruff my whole life until I found it. Then I go to buy more and I was told it was discontinued because it wasn't needed in conjunction with the matching shampoo. I don't know how they came to that conclusion because ever since I ran out my dandruff has been out of control! Just using the shampoo does not work! I really hope enough people complain about it's absence from stores so I can get my miracle conditioner back!
16 Feb 2013 | Star T
This is the best product I've ever used. Not only did it control the dandruff but the insane itching was soothed and both are almost non-existent. Like the other person who commented, I can't find it in any store! I'm forced to buy it online. Even my hairdresser can't get it from their distributor. What's the deal??? :-(
04 Feb 2013 | Alexis M
The Anti Dandruff shampoo and conditioner is by far the best thing I have ever used for my hair, I got tired of using head and shoulders so I gave this a try and I LOVE it. The only thing is it works so good for my hair I am forced to find the conditioner online because I cant find it anywhere but the shampoo is the only one I can find, but other then that both great products.
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