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Fashion brown haircolor for your naturally dark hair!

Designed for people who have naturally dark, resistant hair and want dazzling brunette shades with rich and dimensional reflects that won’t fade to red or orange.

Reviews of Permanent Wonder.Brown

07 Nov 2013 | Dana Montgomery
I can not buy the wonder brown any more from my suppler. Is there any way I can order it on line? I have my Texas licence .
08 Apr 2013 | LBH
Socolor 10B has been retired. What formula would I mix to get this color? Please let me know what I can use to acquire the same results as the 10B Socolor. Thank you.
20 Mar 2013 | Name*Michelle Browder
With the new swatchbooks that just came out wonderbrowns are left out....what and how are we suppose to show customers the color
13 Mar 2013 | tim bennett
Hi i want to buy some permanent hair colour i am currently using 5.1 with 6% @0 vol is the wonder brown similar to this?
04 Mar 2013 | Dora Silva
need on line course for socolor highlights and shades, any availoable?
17 Feb 2013
16 Feb 2013 | cecil
good day! where we can buy matrix hair coloring products?
12 Feb 2013 | mona
how much ? i am from egypt i want to learn how to use your products if you have online courses
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