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Smooth and de-frizz unruly, hard-to-manage hair. This system offers smoothing versatility with 3 great services: Heat Straightening (sleek, perfectly straight hair), Cold Smoothing (smooth natural looking hair with movement) or 3D Curl (enhanced, smooth curls full of shine). Formulas allow for better overall conditioning and shine and also helps prevent breakage!

Reviews of Opti.Collection Opti.Collection

26 Jul 2014 | NancyBerret
Love your product
09 May 2014 | daniel
it really made my hair siky smooth
14 Mar 2014 | Cheryl
I have been looking for Matrix Opti Smooth 3D Curl, I have been searching for over an hour. I have been to Matrix Websites, some of which no buttons work at all. i just want to know where to buy this product? Is it on the market yet? I'm so aggravated...I'm to the point of forgetting about it all together! Love the video's, but they don't do me any good if I can't purchase a product that isn't available! Sincerely, Thank You for allowing me to blow off steam! Have a great day! Cheryl
23 Jan 2014 | Connie Morris
Been using OPTI Perms for several years and My Clients say I give the BEST Perms...my secret is OPTI
31 Dec 2013 | angela
My daughter who is 9 years old just had the opti smooth done yesterday at a salon. It was a great experience!! I don't understand how people can say it fried their hair???? She had some cream on her ear and never once complained and no burning!!! Her hair looks so beautiful and healthy!! Thank you for this amazing product!!!!
30 Dec 2013 | Maria Gee
I had a the Matrix Opti Smooth treatment done last week and it totally fried my hair! It's so bad that I will need to cut my hair short! This is the third time I do this and the last two times the results were great. What are type of formula are you people using!??? Will never use your product EVER! Thanks a lot!!
07 Dec 2013 | Jack
Same here the new formula is no good. I have 2 clients that love the opticurl but will no longer perm their hair because the last perms turned out pretty bad.
23 Nov 2013 | Rebecca Meredith
I had the Matrix perm for highlighted/highlift hair and this has always turned out well for me in the past, but this last one not only failed but left my hair limp and dry - not at all my past experience!! Please, if you've changed formulations, bring back the old one, it worked so much better.
07 Nov 2013 | Donna Leposky
Opticurl extra body perm is awful. I have had this perm for years and it was wonderful, this last perm has left my hair dry,frizzy and some breakage. My operator said that Matrix has changed chemical solutions and that she has had complaints from other customers for the same problems. I feel that Matrix has made a bad decision and should offer a some type of compensation to people who complain.
07 Nov 2013 | Name*
30 Aug 2013 | jip
How to use opti smooth for straightening or smoothing creme
01 Mar 2013 | nida aristorenas
i need optismooth products to be used in my salon . im always content of it. Pls. send me this products.... greetings from Belgium
26 Feb 2013 | preet
Very nice
22 Feb 2013 | Kathy Patterson
How much does this perm cost. I have a card
10 Feb 2013 | jayne
Love these perms
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