Blending nature with science, Biolage thérapies deliver natural, healthy-looking hair for every need and hair type. Biolage harnesses the power of botanicals to nourish, restore and bring out hair’s natural beauty. 



Taking inspiration from the rainforest's ever-replenishing Moisture Cycle, new Biolage Hydratherapie continuously moisturizes hair to help stop the dehydration cycle with the Anti-Dry Care of Aloe + Passion fruit. As part of out commitment, we have removed parabens where possible; and without compromising performance of our newly optimized formulas.

Biolage colorcaretherapie enlivens colored hair with vibrant radiance, enhanced color protection and preservation.


Delicate Care

Biolage Delicate Care protects multi-processed, frequently colored hair

Biolage fortethérapie strengthens weakened hair while building resistance against future breakage.



Biolage volumatherapie reinvigorates fine, limp or lifeless hair with voluminous body and radiant shine.



Biolage rejuvathérapie restores strength, suppleness and shine while protecting  from premature hair aging.



Biolage smooththérapie smoothes frizzy, unruly hair so hair stays naturally smooth, year-round.

Biolage scalpthérapie revives normal to oily hair, helping to purify the scalp. Anti-Dandruff products helps relieve the daily discomforts of dandruff and stressed scalp.


Biolage stylers can be mixed, blended and layered to create a customized formula to prep hair and create a perfect finish. Hair does what you want it to, naturally

Biolage Sunsorials help protect hair from the harms of sun, pool and seawater.