2014 Hairstyle & Hair Color Makeover Tips & Ideas

New Year’s Eve came and went. But how are you keeping up with your new year resolutions? If one of your 2014 resolutions involved a hair makeover, you’re in luck! The pros at Matrix have some great suggestions for bringing your ‘do up to date!

If your hair is short…think pink! Or pistachio or amethyst. Pastel and jewel-toned hair hues took hold in 2013 and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. If you’re rocking a cute pixie cut, consider adding a few accent strands of unexpected color. Feeling adventurous? Go ahead and ask your hairstylist to transform your color completely—scalp to ends!

If your hair is long…head to the salon for balayage highlights. Hollywood is all over this newest highlighting trend; Matrix Celebrity Hairstylist George Papanikolas has pioneered the technique on clients like Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Balayage highlights are hand-painted onto select strands of hair and the result is natural and shimmering—as if you just spent a few weeks on the beach! It’s the modern way to lighten long locks—ask your stylist about it!

If your hair is curly…revisit the ‘70s. Fashion runways this season were all about disco-era texture—crimped, curled and wild—and the new film American Hustle is getting raves for Amy Adams’s disco waves. If your hair is curly, you’re halfway there! Don’t fight your texture-- let it loose, with the help of modern, curl-enhancing formulas like Matrix Total Results Curl Super Defrizzer Gel for curl without crunch, and Curl Contouring Lotion, which defines with massive shine.

If your hair is straight…crop it. Right now, the bob reigns as the season’s hottest cut—everyone from Julianne Hough to January Jones have lopped their locks to chin-level or shorter. If your hair is fine and straight, a bob with choppy layers adds instant heft by eliminating wispy ends and bulking up the interior.
Tip--A quick spritz of a texturizer like Matrix Design Pulse Clean Remix Instant Dry Shampoo throughout top sections gives these layered looks even more heft, with a streetwise edge!

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