Color-Treated Hair and The Truth About Sulfates

Your stylist is a genius. A squirt of this, a dollop of that, a few brush strokes there and a few more here and--voilà! Your naturally mousy, ho-hum hair color is transformed into gorgeous, shiny, sunlit (or rich chestnut, or dazzling red) locks. And those greys? Gone, girl! Of course all of that color magic comes with a price, but it’s a price you’re willing to pay for your Jen Aniston toffee highlights, Christina Hendricks spicy cinnamon or Kim Kardashian sun-kissed blonde. So how do you make the most of that (worthwhile) haircolor investment? Choose sulfate-free shampoos, say the hair color pros at Matrix, and your color will stay gorgeous longer.

What Are Sulfates?
Allow us to get all science-y for a moment. Sulfates are surfactants. They’re found in a wide range of cleansing products, from shampoos to dish detergents. They help the water spread out easily and adhere to dirt and grime so that the gunk can be whisked down the drain. When you use a cleansing product, all of that lovely lather is mainly due to sulfates.

What Do Sulfates Do To Your Haircolor?
While sulfates are busy stripping away dirt and grime, they tend to take along your hair’s essential moisture and beautiful haircolor right along with them. This makes sulfates a less-than-desirable ingredient for color-treated hair, as well as for hair that’s naturally curly, that tends to be dry or that has been made fragile by chemical straighteners and relaxers.

What’s the Alternative?
Thanks to advanced technology, haircare companies like Matrix have created sulfate-free formulas that cleanse hair thoroughly but gently, so haircolor doesn’t fade prematurely and hair isn’t stripped of its natural essential oils. Many Matrix hairstylists recommend the Biolage Advanced Keratindose collection of ShampooConditioner and Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray to restore and condition color-treated and chemically processed hair, because these formulas are free of sulfates, as well as parabens and harsh salts.

So if you’re committed to your color it’s not a bad idea to commit to great color care, with sulfate-free formulas that will coddle your color investment!

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