Find The Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

It’s not rocket science, but the big bang theory goes like this: if the shape of your fringe suits the shape of your face, you‘ll look cuter, younger and yes, even thinner!

If your face is round…opt for a long, side-swept bang or a shorter, wispy fringe. Both will narrow the sides of your face and create the illusion of angularity.

If your face is oblong…a straight, solid bang will help balance the shape. Or you can rock a long, side-sweeping bang, which will add a horizontal element to your vertical features.

If your face is square…consider fringy, wispy bangs to offset and soften your angular jawline. Solid bangs that are cut on a slight diagonal will have the same effect.

If your face is heart-shaped…balance the wider top portion with a long, soft fringe that is worn swept gently to the side.

If your face is oval…lucky you! Just about any type of fringe will look great so why not express yourself? Are you a rocker at heart? Go for a strong, squared-off bang. Do you love all things Parisian? Try out a super-short, choppy shape. Or stick with a chic side-sweep—you’ll look even sexier than you already do!

And here’s a tip! To keep bangs behaving between shampoos, mist them with Design Pulse Clean Remix Instant Dry Shampoo and restyle with your brush and blow dryer.

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