How to Create the Katniss Reaping Braid and Other Hunger Games Twists


This month, Katniss Everdeen is at it again—defying death and uniting the Districts with her pluck and strength in the second Hunger Games installment, Catching Fire. There will be chills. There will be tears. And you’d better believe…there will be braids!

In anticipation of the “twists” to come, Matrix pros provide the how-tos for two braided ‘dos from the first film—Katniss’s “Reaping braid” and Glimmer’s unique pigtails.

The Katniss Reaping Braid—Double French Coil
1. Apply Biolage Blow In Control Cream to damp hair and dry to a smooth finish with a blow dryer and round brush.
2. Part hair down the middle. Create a section at the top of the head, to the side of the center part and divide it into thirds.
3. Begin French braiding this section, feeding in hair from the side as you work.
4. Work to the ends, until the entire side of the head is braided. Secure the braid with an elastic.
5. Repeat on the other side, creating one large French braid on each side of the head.
6. Criss-cross the two braids at the nape of the neck.
7. Coil the first braid up and over the other one and pin it to the head, tucking in the ends.
8. Coil the remaining braid up and over the braid that has been pinned and pin it into place, tucking and pinning the ends.
9. Mist with Biolage Finishing Spritz for light hold and flyaway control.  

Glimmer’s Defiant Double Fishtails
1. Part dry hair slightly off-center.
2. Draw each side around the shoulder to the front and secure in a loose pigtail.
3. Split one of the pigtails in half.
4. Begin a fishtail braid by creating a subsection on the outside of the section on the right—about one-third the size of the section. Cross the small section over the first half so that it joins the section on the other side.
5. Repeat on the other side, creating a subsection on the outside, crossing it over and joining it to the hair on the other side. Work along the length of the hair in this manner.
6. Secure the bottom of the section with another elastic.
7. Grasp the edges of the braid and gently pull from top to bottom to loosen and flatten the braid.
8. Repeat on the opposite side.
9. Curl the ends with a small curling iron.
10. Gently smooth each fishtail with Biolage ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment to tame frizz.

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