How To Get Perfect Blow-Out Hair At Home-Pro Tips!

 Your to-do list is jam-packed. Work, doctor’s appointment, friend’s birthday dinner, gym. Bottom line? There’s no time for a professional blow-out before tonight’s big event. That’s ok—not to worry! Here are five valuable tips from the professionals at Matrix for achieving blow-out bar perfection at home!

1. Tool Up. Ladies, start your engines. Specifically, your blow-dryer engines, which should heat up quickly and dry your hair evenly. Select a lightweight model unless you’re looking for an upper arm workout. Be sure to use the nozzle directed down the strand which will concentrate the heat and make your locks smoother. Another must for unruly textures—a boar bristle brush, which will help you get a grip on hair and produce a shiny, manageable finish.

2. Prep for your Hair Type. Choose the styling aid that’s right for the job. Need volume? Apply a booster like Matrix Total Results Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter to damp hair at the roots. Fighting frizz? Tame unruly textures with a smoother like Matrix Total Results Sleek Silk Wonder Smoothing Oil.

3. Use Protection. There’s nothing like thermal tools to transform your hair into sleek locks. But frequent use of heat can lead to damage. So when blow-drying, use a formula that serves as a barrier between heat and hair to prevent dull, brittle, over-stressed strands. The new Total Results Heat Resist Blowout Tamer features a buoyant gel texture to control hair shape, impart natural body and movement and reduce friction for a mind-blowing blowout experience.

4. Break it Down. When it comes to blow-drying, it’s all about the sectioning. Start at the nape of your neck and pin up all the rest of your hair. Take a section that’s no wider than the width of your brush. Place the brush snugly at your scalp, lift and direct the airflow at the base of the section. Then move the brush and dryer in tandem along the strand, turning it under at the bottom. As you finish each section, unclip another one and repeat. Work to the top of your head and around the sides, keeping each section small and manageable and drying thoroughly. Patience now will pay off later when your blow-out endures for days.

5. Boost the Roots. When every section is completely dry, try this trick to prevent premature style collapse. Mist the roots with a dry texturizer like Matrix Design Pulse Clean Remix Instant Dry Shampoo. Then gently tousle roots with the air flow from your dryer for extra “droop insurance.” Repeat the next day and every day until you shampoo to keep your blow-out lasting longer.

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