How to Get Red Carpet Hollywood Hairstyles & Color

Did your invite to the Oscars get lost in the mail? That’s a shame, but look on the bright side—now you won’t have to drop a bundle on a fabulous gown! However, if you want red carpet-worthy hair for your next event, here are some Hollywood insider tips from the pros at Matrix!

Say Yes to Your Dress
—Every red carpet hair pro begins in the closet—specifically, with a careful assessment of the style and features of the dress! The finished hair design must enhance the gown without detracting. So a ‘60s-style sheath might inspire a kicky, backcombed updo à la Adele, while a floral, flowing number could call for long, loose Boho waves (think Drew Barrymore or Kate Hudson.) Other tips—a high collar or chunky necklace works with an updo that lifts the hair off of the neck, while a plunging back is balanced by long, loose waves or a half-up, half-down look.

Unfurl Your Curl (But No Frizz Allowed!)—Beautiful curls dress up any style, so start with a solid foundation that locks curls in place. Here’s a great curl “cocktail” to apply before drying and curling—Total Results Heat Resist Iron Tamer with a few drops of Biolage ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment. This combo will help hold and protect curls against heat and ban frizz—which is the number one red carpet “don’t!”

Show Your Roots (Really!)—Look closely at a celebrity’s red carpet haircolor and you’ll undoubtedly notice subtle variation from roots to tips. That’s because Hollywood haircolor specialists like Matrix Celebrity Hairstylist George Papanikolas understand that hair is naturally a bit lighter at the ends, so they re-create the look by making their clients’ hues a bit deeper near the scalp.

Add a Braid—Braids in an updo are like beading on a gown—they’re decorative and exquisite. That’s why many Hollywood hairstylists incorporate them into their red carpet looks. Consider creating a chic chignon encircled by a glossy braid or topping a ’60s- inspired bouffant with a braided “headband.”

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