How to Keep Your Red Hair Color Salon-Fresh

Love red hair color but hate the way it fades? Here are some great tips for maintaining your ravishing red from the pros at Matrix.

• Red hair color tends to fade more quickly than other colors. Modern technology found in formulas like NEW Matrix COLORINSIDER RV+ shadesReds, however, fight the fade thanks to a unique color injection oil delivery system that propels color deep into the hair’s core.

• You can prolong shade vibrancy even longer with the right red color care. Look for shampoos and conditioners like Matrix Biolage COLORLAST that are formulated to coddle colored hair and prevent fading from sunlight. Also, a good deep conditioner like Biolage COLORLAST Mask will keep colored hair soft, supple and shielded from the environment.

• Speaking of the environment, if you’re a sun-lover or water baby, um, stop it? Exposure to UV rays, chlorine and salt water are the quickest ways to cause rich red color to go very wrong—brassy and faded. At the very least, outfit yourself with a cute hat when you’re outside. If you’re a swimmer, coat your strands with a barrier formula like Biolage HYDRASOUCE Mask and tuck it under a swim cap before taking the plunge.

• Gloss it! Talk to your stylist about regular glazing treatments with a gentle, ammonia-free demi-permanent formula like Matrix Gloss Sync. Glossing every six weeks or so will lock-in your gorgeous red hue and keep it vibrant and salon-fresh!

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