How To Win The Fight Against Frizz

In summer, the humidity rises and frizzy hair happens. How can you shield your pretty hairstyles from this style-wrecking phenomenon? The first step is to understand the root cause.

Why Frizz Happens

The outer layer of each hair strand is covered with a layer of cuticles. These cuticles overlap, much like shingles on a roof. In normal, healthy hair, the cuticles are tightly packed. But if your hair is naturally coarse, dry or damaged, the cuticles become raised, which allows moisture from humid air to seep in between the “shingles.” When that happens, hair swells and…? Sally, grab a hat---you’ve got frizz! 

Fuzz-Busting Tips

  1. Hydrate. The best frizz-prevention strategy is to keep your hair well-moisturized.  Select super-hydrating shampoos and conditioners, like Matrix Biolage HYDRASOURCE Shampoo and Conditioner. Soothe über-parched strands once or twice a week with a treatment masque like HYDRASOURCE Mask.
  2. Use Protection. Heat protection, that is. Blow dryers and flat irons are powerful frizz enemies, but they can also cause the damage that leads to frizz in the first place! Before styling, apply a heat-protective formula like Matrix Design Pulse Thermo Glide Express Blowout Crème to shield hair from high temps.
  3. Dry as a Bone.  If you fail to dry your hair completely before stepping out into the damp air, it will immediately explode into a mass of frizz. So take your time. Apply a smoother like Total Results Sleek Blow Down Leave-In Cream, separate your hair into lots of tiny sections and dry each one 100%.

Extra frizz-fighting tip: Move the nozzle of your dryer from scalp to ends—doing so encourages the cuticles to lie flat.

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