Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas Picks the Prettiest Grammy Hair

Grammy style is always worth watching and this year, according to Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas, three hair looks hit all the right notes!

Chrissy Teigen’s Tousled Waves
George Says: "This look is sexy, casual and beautifully completed with creamy ombré ends."

This is how George would get the look:
1. Apply Biolage Hydra Foaming Styler to damp hair.
2. Tip the head over and rough dry.
3. Create a deep side part.
4. Divide the hair into vertical sections and wind each section around a medium-curling iron. Start at brow level, leaving the top uncurled and direct all sections away from the face.
5. Gently shake each curl and mist with Biolage Complete Control Fast-Drying Hairspray.

Kacey Musgrave’s Undone Twist
George says: "An updo with frayed edges that's youthful and fun."

This is how George would get the look:
1. On damp hair, apply Matrix Biolage VOLUMEBLOOM Full-Lift Volumizer Spray at roots and Biolage SMOOTHPROOF Deep Smoothing Serum through lengths. Blow-dry using a round brush.
2. Create a deep side part
3. Brush hair into a smooth, low pony, allowing fringe to frame the face and secure the pony.
4. Spray pony with Biolage Complete Control Fast-Drying Hairspray and backcomb.
5. Twist the pony into a messy bun, allowing the ends to poke out, and use pins the secure the bun.

Anna Kendricks’ Polished S-Curves
George Says: "Smooth Hollywood glamour waves like these are always a good choice!"  

This is how George would get the look:
1. Apply Matrix Total Results Amplify Volumizing Foam to damp hair.
2. Blow dry with a large, round brush, encouraging maximum volume.
3. Divide hair into large vertical sections and “set” each section on a large curling iron. Gently remove the iron, leave each curl intact and clip to secure.
4. When all hair is set and cool, remove the clips.
5. Mist with Amplify Hairspray and gently brush through with a Mason Pearson-style brush.

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