Tough Breaks: A Pro's Guide To Hair Repair

Broken hearted over your broken hair? Strands that snap off close to the scalp or split at the ends can turn any hairstyle into a not-so-good hair day! Fortunately, if you suffer from tough breaks, your hair salon just might have a solution. Excessive hair breakage is due to a number of reasons – I have clients who come in often with this problem, unsure at to what caused it. As hairstylists, it’s our job to help you determine the cause, and offer the right hair products to correct and prevent damaged hair.

Put the Breaks on Breakage

When it comes to hair repair, prevention is the first step to sporting locks as luscious as celebs like Eva Longoria. There are several common reasons for damaged hair:

  1. Chemical Abuse. Do you hit the bleach bottle or the perm or relaxer solution a little too often?  Misuse of chemical services can weaken locks, causing them to break or shred.  It’s best to stick with hair professionals for hair color and other chemical services. Hairstylists work with products that are developed to keep hair as healthy as possible, and they’re trained to know exactly how much your hair can withstand without damage.
  2. Hot StuffHeat styling products like curling and straightening irons can damage hair if they're used too much. Always use a thermal-protection formula before styling. Keep heat settings as low as possible, try to avoid using thermal stylers every day and never use irons on wet hair!
  3. Manhandling.  Vigorous combing or brushing, too-tight ponytails or braids, metal barettes and uncoated elastics and improperly-applied extensionsn can all weaken hair and cause it to snap.  When it comes to your strands, pretend it’s like a delicate fabric and handle with care!
  4. Dying of Thirst. Your natural hair oils keep your hair moisturized.  The more moisture your hair has, the more flexible it is and the less it snaps. Curly hair tends to be dryer because it’s more difficult for sebaceous oils produced at the scalp to travel along the coil.  Harsh hair products can also strip hair of natural moisture.  Ask your stylist to select the products that offer the optimum amount of moisture for your hair.
  5. Health Issues. Hair breakage can also be a sign of a medical problem or stress. If the situation persists or becomes severe, check in with your doctor.

The Damage Done

Already a victim of hair breakage?  Hair salon technology is better than ever today and can fix you right up. Use a repairing regime containing Cuticle Rebond Technology with ceramide and amino silicones. When my clients use a consistent regime, their damaged hair looks healthier and more supple in no time. And try to use a spray-on, as it can be targeted to any heavily-damaged area, like your bangs or your split ends.

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