Winter's 3 Hottest Hairstyles for Short, Medium and Long Hair

The season has shifted, the holidays are here and you’re thinking seriously about doing something new with your hair. Awesome! After all, change is good! Here are the hottest trends in haircuts and hairstyles--for short hair, medium hair and long hair—handpicked just for you by the trend experts at Matrix!

Short Hair Now: The Polished Pixie
Last month, Jennifer Lawrence, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Hudson and Kristen Chenoweth have all submitted to the shears, emerging with cute, short crops that play up gorgeous eyes and cheekbones. Pixies are so versatile—you can try a diminutive crop à la Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, leave the top a bit longer as J-Law did, or even buzz the sides Miley Cyrus-style! When it comes to styling, keep it simple! Your best friend is a matte styler like Biolage Styling Pliable Paste—simply work the product into dry hair; push strands forward with your fingers and lift the top section at the roots.

Medium Hair Now: The Long Bob
As Jennifer Aniston discovered, a “lob” is the best way to perk up limp, long locks. The cut is massively versatile—wear it straight and sleek, gently waved or curly. The secret to keeping this haircut cool is texture. Be sure your stylist texturizes the ends instead of blunting them—that’s what gives this cut an edge! A few interior layers can’t hurt either—they’ll infuse your ‘do with movement and swing!

Long Hair Now: Lazy Waves
Last season, it was all about sharp curves. Now crisp waves have given way to a looser, more languid texture—almost undone, but not quite! To get the look, prep damp hair with a formula that suits your texture (fine haired gals love Matrix Total Results Amplify Volumizing Foam; if your locks need frizz control, check out Biolage Styling Blow In Control.) Dry it completely, then wind random vertical sections—starting below your ear--around a large curling iron, twisting each section as you curl. Switch up directions—some back and some forward. Clip the coils into place until they’re completely cool, then use your fingers or a vent brush to break up and blend the curls.

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