5 Signs That It's Time To Call A Stylist

Need a beauty boost? Put yourself in the hands of a great hairstylist! In just an hour or two you’ll be completely transformed. Here’s five signs that you know it’s time to see a pro.

  1. You were recently asked if your religion prevents you from cutting your hair. Maybe that’s really the case, and if so, that’s completely cool. If not--and your booty-grazing strands are merely a result of apathy or neglect--it’s time for a trim! A professionally-shaped cut--designed for your hair type and texture--will make you look pounds lighter and years younger. Snip, snip!
  2. The haircolor kit that promised natural beachy highlights delivered unnatural orange blotches instead. Hey that’s ok. Do you really think Gisele applies her own creamy highlights? Pros are trained to formulate and place the best color for your hair, eyes and skin tone, and without that training, it’s easy to go wrong. They also know how to fix DIY missteps, so let a stylist bring out your true colors!
  3. You and your besties were laughing at your old yearbook photos—until you realized your hairstyle is exactly the same. If the 1980s called and asked for their feathered bangs back, it’s time to embrace the new millennium. Pros are trained to stay up to date on the latest trends, as well as the techniques to create those trends, so let them send your strands back to the future.
  4. You just lost 30 pounds, signed up on or scored the job of your dreams. From time to time, a big life shift changes everything. An updated cut, color or texture will help give you the confidence you need to take the next step—whether it’s buying those skinny jeans, accepting a coffee date with the hot banker or striding into your new office in style!
  5. Suddenly it’s summer and you feel as if you’re wearing a yak hat. A change of season often brings changes in your hair and the way you feel about it. Summer is a great time to lighten up—lose some length, lose some bulk, brighten your haircolor. Let a pro show send you into warm weather with a little less weight on your shoulders!

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