Summer’s Hottest Hair Accessories

In one memorable episode of Sex and The City, Carrie Bradshaw fired the fatal shot to the poor little scrunchie, expressing her horror upon spotting a woman wearing the much-maligned hair accessory in public. Right now, however, a handful of chic hair accessories, paired with some of the season’s hottest hairstyles, would earn Carrie’s stamp of fashionista approval. Matrix Artistic Directors reveal the best.

The Accessory: Floral headband
Pair With: Loose, beachy waves
Matrix says: Go for a music festival vibe and wear your headband like a crown – or a hippie.
Tip: Design Pulse Get Action Spray Wax gives waves flexible hold and a modern, satiny finish. 

The Accessory: Skinny, sparkly band
Pair With: Big, Bardot-inspired bun
Matrix says: Encircle your sky-high, retro updo with a whimsical touch of bling.

Tip: Before teasing tresses, mist each section with Vavoom Shape Maker Medium Hold Hairspray for touchable-yet-powerful hold.

The Accessory: Heirloom brooch
Pair With: Knotted chignon
Matrix says: Raid the Downton Abbey wardrobe closet for a Deco-style bauble. Nestled in the center of a messy chignon, it imparts instant elegance.
Tip: Twists look modern with a textured foundation so if your hair lacks natural wave or curl, twirl strands around a curling iron before fashioning your knot. Mist each section with a heat protective formula like Biolage Thermal Active Setting Spray before it makes contact with the iron.

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