Hair Breakage: How It's Caused and How To Stop It

Oh snap! Hopefully that means you’ve just let fly with a wickedly witty comeback. Unfortunately it could also be the sound of your hair breaking off mid-strand. Are you noticing more and more hair in the tub or your brush and less on your head? Are your locks frayed, fragile and prone to breakage? Here’s what causes hair breakage and how to prevent it.

The culprit: Overheating
Thermal tools, used incorrectly, like blow dryers and irons can cause hair to become dry and brittle, which can lead to breakage.
Stop it.
Dial down the temperature. Embrace your natural texture from time to time and let your hair dry naturally. Use heat-protective formulas like Biolage Thermal Active Repair Cream. It helps protect against split-ends and breakage as it reinforces the hair fiber.

The culprit: Tugs Of War
Vigorous towel drying, forcing a hairbrush through wet tangles and tight ponytails secured with uncoated rubber bands can all pull and tug at your hair until strands weaken and break.
Stop it.
Instead of rubbing, gently blot wet hair with a soft towel. Condition immediately after shampooing and run a wide-tooth comb or “wet brush” through strands while you’re still in the shower to gently detangle. Take a ponytail break from time to time, and always secure hair with a coated elastic to prevent snagging.

The culprit: Too Much of a Good Thing
Overdoing the chemicals that give your hair its gorgeous color and smooth texture can lead to damage and breakage.
Stop it.
Visit a professional stylist who works with high quality haircolor and texturizing products. Formulas like Matrix COLORINSIDER and SOCOLOR are gentle on hair and contain conditioning additives that keep it strong and supple. For an instant shot of strength for break-prone strands, ask your stylist about new Biolage Advanced FiberStrong. The system contains Intra-Cylane and bamboo, which reinforce by filling gaps in the hair structure caused by mechanical and environmental damage.

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