How To Keep & Prevent Your Hair Color From Fading

Your beautiful hair color (thanks to your talented hairstylist) has changed your life and you’ve happily slashed non-essentials from your budget in order to cover your regular highlights or retouches. So naturally you want to make the most of your investment and fight the fade. Here are three of their tips for making your hair color last and last.

  1. Skip the Sun. You know what happens to a black t-shirt if it’s left outside for a few weeks? Yup, that’s exactly what the sun does to your haircolor. So enjoy the beach but before you hit the sand, grab a hat. Another tip? Work a few drops of Matrix Biolage ExquisiteOil through strands before a day outdoors to keep locks moisturized and supple.
  2. Cleanse and Style With Care. Your shampoo can make or break your beautiful color. Harsh formulas strip away dyes; color-coddling, sulfate-free formulas will prevent dye molecules from going down the drain. Try Matrix Biolage COLORLAST with Orchid + UV Complex to moisturize and protect the depth, tone and shine of your color-treated hair.
  3. Deflect the Heat. High temps from blow dryers and irons take a toll on color. Protect strands from thermal damage with a heat-shielding formula like Biolage Thermal Active Setting Spray. There’s a bonus: it also adds body and volume to heat-styled hair!

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