How To Make Your Hairstyle Last

When you’re having a good hair day, you never want it to end. Here are some tips from the pros at Matrix to make your hairstyle last and last!

  1. Small and Slow. The key to a long-lasting style is to take your time. Divide your hair into very small sections and dry each one thoroughly. Before drying, apply a lightweight formula like Design Pulse Go Big Extra Strong Hold Mousse for weightless hold.
  2. Tip Your Head. Before you begin to blow dry, dip your head upside down and “rough dry” to remove as much moisture as possible and encourage maximum volume at the root.
  3. Clip and Cool. If you’re curling your hair, slide each curl off of the curling iron, clip it into place to set and allow your hair to cool completely before removing the clips.
  4. Be a Tease. Lock in lift with a few backcombing strokes at the base of top sections. Lift each section, mist roots with a firm hold aerosol spray like Vavoom Freezing Spray, tease the underside of the section with two or three quick strokes and smooth the top. 
  5. Sleep Right. Before turning in, gather hair loosely in a large claw-style clip that won’t crush or dent strands. Or, wrap your hair turban style in a soft satin scarf.
  6. Don’t Add Water. Refresh next-day hair styles with a few quick blasts of Design Pulse Clean Remix Instant Dry Shampoo. It instantly removes oil and debris and leaves hair looking full and fabulous.
  7. Fluff the Fringe. If bangs become flat, frizzy or misshaped, mist with a flexible spray like Biolage Shine Endure Spritz and restyle with your brush and blow dryer.

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