POP Goes Your Hair Color

Blondes are beautiful, brunettes are sexy and redheads sizzle. But nowadays there’s no need to limit your options to traditional hues when it comes to your hair color. How about exploring unconventional palettes, like blues and greens inspired by the sea or the crimsons and corals of an island sunset? Here are a few suggestions for “pops” of unconventional color from the Matrix COLORINSIDER team. 

  1. We All Scream for Ice Cream. If you think strawberry, banana and coconut are delicious in a cone, why not consider the creamy shades for your hair color? Best if you’re blonde, pastel streaks and tips can be placed as pretty accents on layers and fringes. Or, if your personality permits, ask your stylist to create a signature, all-over shade of lilac, buttercup or pistachio!
  2. Turn on the Bright. Vivid shades are the best way to add interest to brunette hair color. A few streaks of raspberry, cobalt or emerald infuse playful fun into ordinary brown. Work with your Matrix COLORINSIDER stylist to select shades based on your natural tone and base color. Opt for spicy cinnamon or golden turquoise if your hair and complexion are warm; icy blue or grape if your hair and skin are cool.
  3. Steel Yourself. If you’re a proud silver fox, why not celebrate your strands with metallic accents? A few strands of dusty copper, pewter, steel blue or silvery pink nestled in your gray locks tell the world that you’re younger than ever—inside and out!

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