Matrix Artistic Directors

Ammon Carver
Born and raised in Utah and now residing in New York City, Matrix Artistic Director Ammon Carver combines the very best of Middle American values, taste and responsibility with "big city" talent and style. The polished and personable Carver is quickly becoming one of the key spokespeople for the Matrix brand, connecting with hairdressers and consumers alike in print, online and broadcast campaigns.

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Chrystofer Benson
Chrystofer Benson is a highly-respected member of the beauty industry whose communication skills, creative vision, and professional talent clearly define him as a global industry leader and a MATRIX Artistic Director.
Daniel Roldan
Criss-crossing the globe on behalf of Matrix for the past 10 years, Matrix Artistic Director Daniel Roldan is hailed as a hair rock star in more than 40 countries. From India, Italy and Indonesia, to Prague, Spain, China and Dubai, this gifted artist has mastered the international language of beauty. He prides himself on being able to adapt and communicate with every audience, as he strives to lift the skills and imagination of his fellow hairdressers in every corner of the world.
Nicholas French
Born into a world famous British hairdressing family (his father was Freddy French of French of London), Nicholas French has gone on to make his own considerable mark on the industry. 

Nick Stenson
Already a successful salon owner, teacher and artist, Nick Stenson recently moved from his hometown of Chicago to New York City. There he plans to win over the Big Apple just as readily as he seduced the Windy City with his charm and considerable talent. 

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