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9 Hairstyle Ideas for Every Valentine Date

The Event: Putting a Ring on It

The Valentine’s Day Hairstyle: Romantic Waves

Your slightly nervous, about-to-be fiancé has made sure everything is perfect. The restaurant. The table. The moment. He’s going all out to make the date memorable, so do your part with perfectly polished, romantic waves that will serve as the perfect companion to your sparkling new accessory.

Tip: Begin the curl pattern at cheekbone level and be sure to protect your hair from thermal damage with a heat protection formula. Once the curls are in place, create a sexy side part and sweep your curls around to the other side.

Valentines Day Hairstyle Romantic Waves.jpg

The Event: Your BFF’s Wedding

The Valentine’s Day Hairstyle: Retro Kitten

A fancy, black-tie and red heart wedding is not the time to hold back hair-wise. Complement your slinky dress with a large and bouncy hairstyle with a healthy dose of Bardot flair.

Tip: There’s an art to teasing hair to get maximum oomph without stiffness. Divide the top into 2- or 3-inch sections. Place a teasing comb three or four inches from the roots of every section, and push down firmly with two or three strokes. Hit each teased section at the roots with a flexible-hold hairspray, then smooth the top of each section to blend and hide the teasing.

Valentines Day Hairstyle Retro Kitten.jpg

The Event: YOUR Wedding

The Valentine’s Day Hairstyle: XXL Chignon

There’s something extra special about a Valentine’s Day wedding, so your hairstyle should be truly extraordinary. This voluminous, softly textured chignon does the trick. Bonus points for the floral-themed seed pearl and rhinestone ornament.

Tip: Pros know the secret to special-occasion hairstyle staying power is hair texture. Strands that are too soft and slippery simply won’t go the distance from altar to after-party. So don’t be surprised when your wedding stylist pulls out her secret weapon—dry shampoo! These formulas give hair the “grip” it needs to stay put in any up-style. It’s also a good tool to have along on your honeymoon for quick, evening up-dos.

Valentines Day Hairstyle XXL Chignon.jpg

The Event: Couples’ Brunch

The Valentine’s Day Hairstyle: Natural with a Twist

Love is love, and since you and your S.O. adore your besties, why not expand the celebration? Gather for a sunny brunch to reminisce about last July’s trip to the lake house, and makes plans for a reprise this summer.

Tip: Brunch = morning so if you’re not inclined to spend valuable snooze time on your hair, prep it the previous evening. Lavish curls with a buttery, overnight mask, divide your hair into sections and set it in two-strand twists before bedtime. You’ll wake up with nourished, glossy strands and uniform, defined curls.

Valentines Day Hairstyle Natural with a Twist.jpg

The Event: Pasta-Making Class

The Valentine’s Day Hairstyle: Braided Knot

When the dress code calls for “chef chic,” this sleek chignon bun ensures you’ll produce your tagliatelle in style. It will also be perfectly suitable for the delicious dinner you’ll enjoy once class is dismissed!

Tip: Use a smoothing crème before styling to manage flyaway hairs and keep your bun sleek. Gather your hair in a ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Braid the ponytail, wind the braid into a bun and pin it at the base with a bobby pin. If your hair is thick, divide your ponytail in half and create two braids before forming the bun.

Valentines Day Hairstyle Braided Knot.jpg

The Event: Girls’ Happy Hour

The Valentine’s Day Hairstyle: Bombshell Boho Waves

Large, luscious waves and bombshell blonde hair color guarantee that all heads will turn when you enter the room. A center part keeps the texture on the casual side.

Tip: Be strategic with your waves. Design them so that they curve around your cheekbones and jawline to sculpt and enhance your best features.

Valentines Day Hairstyle Bombshell Boho Waves.jpg

The Event: Valentine’s Day Cruise

The Valentine’s Day Hairstyle: Wind-Tossed Messy Bun

For the ultimate V-Day celebration, you skipped out on winter and headed to sea for a soul-soothing cruise. A messy bun is the perfect way to dress up for dinner at the Captain’s table—it’s easy, romantic, flattering and weatherproof!

Tip: One of the best ways to prep hair for a messy bun is with an airy styling foam. It provides volume and texture before you dry, and offers the perfect combination of touchability and hair hold.

Valentines Day Hairstyle Wind-Tossed Messy Bun.jpg

The Event: V-Day in Leather

The Valentine’s Day Hairstyle: Smoky Violet Pixie

Not everyone is a lace and hearts kind of girl. For some, it’s all about denim, leather and a fierce, short haircut! Short hair begs for trendy hair color, like this smoke-and-ice violet hue that mixes pastel with metallic.

Tip: Coddle your hair color with a natural origin, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent it from fading too soon.

Valentines Day Hairstyle Smoky Violet Pixie.jpg

The Event: Rock Climbing Wall

The Valentine’s Day Hairstyle: Crown of Curls

Instead of consuming calories, you and your sweetie like to burn them up at the gym. Add some interest to the date with a race to the top of the rock wall. Because nothing’s sexier than a little competition, right?

Tip: Control curly hair and create a flattering shape at the same time with a plastic headband. Look for one with smooth teeth that won’t snag fine or delicate hair.

Valentines Day Hairstyle Crown of Curls.jpg


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