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Cute And Easy Braid Hairstyles For Fall
Braid Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Any Workout!
Twisted Braid.jpg

The Twisted Braid

  1. Separate two pieces from the left and right side of your head (TIP: these pieces should come from your hairline right above the end of your eyebrow).
  2. Twist each piece and use a bobby pin to secure in place.
  3. From each side of your head, take a piece of hair and pull it back, twisting one piece over the other.
  4. With your remaining hair, brush back as if you were making a pony tail, and separate into three sections.
  5. Twist each section under the other to create the end desired look!
  6. Finish look with a spritz of Biolage R.A.W. Frizz Control Styling spray.
Mohawk French Braid.jpg

Mohawk French Braid

  1. Work a small amount of Biolage R.A.W. Smoothing hair styling milk into your hands. Apply to damp hair and blow dry as desired.
  2. Start by taking a section of hair at the top of your head and splitting into three equal pieces.
  3. Begin braiding by taking the left piece under the middle piece, and the right piece under the (now middle) piece.
  4. Bring the left piece under the middle again, and add in a small section from the left side
  5. Continue on the right, bringing the right piece under, and adding in a small section of hair from the right-hand side. This way, you’ll keep forming a reverse braid.
  6. Continue down the back of your head, adding in equal sections of hair to your braid. Secure braid with an elastic for your finished look!
Triple Braided Bun.jpg

Triple Braided Bun

  1. On damp hair, work in a small amount of Biolage R.A.W. Hair Styling Jelly into your roots and through the ends. Blow-dry as usual.
  2. Split your hair into 3 equal sections and secure each one with a clear elastic.
  3. Start by braiding each of the pony tails, securing each with a bobby pin at the end of the braids.
  4. Twist each section up into mini twisted buns. Use the bobby pin at the end of each braided section to start securing each mini bun in place.
  5. Once each section is secure, you will have your desired finished look!
Pretzel Braid.jpg

Pretzel Braid

  1. On damp hair, apply Biolage R.A.W. Curl Defining Styling Butter. Let air-dry or use a diffuser. Tousle hair at roots and throughout to boost volume and loosen up the curl.
  2. Split hair into two equal sections.
  3. Braid both sections into pigtails and secure the ends with elastics.
  4. Cross one braid over the other. Take the braid that is now below and twist it around the other braids to create a “C” shape. Pin in place with bobby pins.
  5. Repeat with the other braid, curving it up and around to make the same shape, and pin in place.
  6. Adjust your braids to sit in a knot shape at the back of your head. Pin ends of braids behind the knot. Use bobby pins to secure your finished look.


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