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New Hair, New You: 7 Ways To Be Bolder This Year

My New Year's resolution is always the same: Be Bolder.

About five years ago I realized that resolution was the only one I really needed. As a married, working mom of two, I had somehow lost my boldness. Meekness had seeped into my life: boring clothes, boring days, boring hair (yes, even hair stylists can have boring hair). I suggested tons of fun things to my clients but settled for boring myself. Finally, I got fed up with meek and went full blown BOLD. I made a real hair appointment with my bestie and had her chop off my signature long dark brunette hair and color my hair blonde. It was a huge change that left me feeling like the raddest mother out there. And something else changed, too. Suddenly I gravitated toward clothes that made me feel fun and cool. I passed over the sensible tinted lip balm for a vibrant orange lipstick. I was up for adventure again, all because of my hair. My hair demanded it. I couldn’t sit at home being boring with a fantastic head of hair, it HAD to be seen.

That hair appointment felt like the start of a new me, but was really a rediscovery of the old me that had somehow gotten lost along the way. I had bought into the lies that fun hair is only for young girls or artsy people. Now every year I commit to change, sometimes it's big and bold, lik that first year, others, it’s a smaller change with a big impact. I hear from clients and friends all the time that say they wish they were brave like me when it comes to their hair. I’m here to emphatically tell you, you can be! I’ve compiled an easy list of New Hair changes for you. Whether you're ready for a toe dip or a cannonball into the ocean of fun hair, it's all here. The only thing stopping you is the belief that fun hair is for others and not for you. Let’s destroy that lie together.

Add Texture to Your Hair

Commitment factor: Low

If you're ready for a change but are slightly scared of hating it, don’t worry. The easiest way to get a New You is to change up your style routine. I promise you, it’s as easy as a few new styling products and some small changes in your morning routine.

Texture is having a major comeback, and no I’m not talking about your mom's crunchy eighties perm. This year’s texture is all about effortless, undone, tousled hair. To help achieve this look I reach for Matrix Total Results Rock It Texture Shampoo, Conditioner and Sea Salt Spray. If you have natural texture, spritz the sea salt spray and let it work it’s magic. If you have no natural texture, I recommend loosely wrapping a few sections of hair around a wand or curling iron. Few being the key word so it looks natural not styled. 

shiny sleek.jpg

Go for Sleek and Shiny Hair

Commitment factor: Low

Maybe you already rock your natural texture, changing it up with a smooth and sleek style is sophisticated and so chic. Grab ahold of Total Results Mega Sleek and prepare to fall in love. Lay the foundation with the shampoo and conditioner and then once out of the shower work Total Results Mega Sleek Blow Down Cream through the hair. Blow dry using a Denman brush for smooth sleek style, or use a round brush for a smooth style full of volume.

Temp color

Play with Temporary Hair Color

Commitment factor: Low

Dip your toe in the bold color pool without making a major commitment or spending all day at the salon. Matrix Colorgraphics lacquers is a semi permanent color, lasting about 8 shampoos. This is the perfect choice if you want to have fun for a few days or are a bit unsure if you’re a bold color person. Ask your colorists to melt the color into your current color to have a little fun.

The pastel colors work best on blonde hair, but the rest of the family still show up on darker levels. This means that you don't have to lift your hair first, so when I say low commitment, I'm not kidding.


Try Bangs

Commitment factor: Medium

Maybe you’re ready for a change but you're just not ready to dive in all the way. Never fear, I’ve got a great way to test out the waters (which are totally warm and inviting, I promise). Bangs! Bangs are the easiest way to change up your look without making a major commitment. Anytime I have a client who wants a change but can't make up her mind I suggest bangs. It gives you the same excitement of a whole new haircut but with much less grow out time. My absolute favorite bang is long, slightly rounded and a bit messy a la Brigitte Bardot. They are flattering on all face shapes and transition into face framing layers easier than their blunt and heavy counterpart (also a great choice but more of a commitment). They can be worn straight across the forehead, swept to the side or with a slight part. Because they’re rounded off they’ll fall into the rest of your hair effortlessly if you decide to grow them out.


Play with a Tonal Change with Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Commitment factor: Medium

Have you been coloring your hair the same color for years? It’s time for a change. Demi Permanent color is an easy way to make a change to your color routine without making a major commitment. I always reach for Matrix Color Sync to help my clients “try on” a color to see if they can live with it. If you're blonde, the world is your oyster, because changing up your tone is super easy. Tell your colorist you’re in the mood for a change. If you're ready to try out a more trendy color then try rose gold. Rose gold was one of Pantone’s 2016 color of the year and it’s still in high demand. If you want to be even more on trend then try a shade of green. Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year is Greenery. Yes, it's a bold choice, but it’s low-commitment if you use ColorSync WaterColors. Going blonde to achieve these colors is the obvious choice, but they are still totally achievable on dark hair. The Oil Slick trend is for women who want fun colors without the time and maintenance commitment of going blonde first. You’ll need to adjust your expectation of how the color will show up on dark hair, don't expect pastels to show up, you’ll be sporting jewel tones if you opt to skip the blonding. Another great option is to enhance what you’ve already got. Try going a richer shade of what you are already wearing by adding lowlights in the same tonal family, ask your colorist to use Matrix Color Sync to add depth to your existing color. Low lights are low maintenance with a whole lot of impact. Take home Matrix Biolage Colorlast Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain your new color between visits.

big cut short hair

The Big Haircut

Commitment factor: Major

You're ready for a big, bold change. No kiddie pool test drive for you. You, my friend, are ready to dive right on in and make a big splash. Call your stylist to make sure that their shears are sharpened because you're ready for a major chop. I'm a huge fan of a textured and choppy bob, or lob. It’s fun and fresh and totally on trend. My current obsession is to finish off a lob with some Bardot inspired bangs— when paired with a bold lip it gives off just the right amount of an ingénue feel. Run Style Link Minerals Airy Builder through dry hair for a lived in vibe. Make sure to ask your stylist to tailor the cut to your face shape for the most flattering results.

color change brunette

Go for a Big Hair Color Change

Commitment factor: Major

Can we have a ‘real talk’ moment? I feel like we’re there in our relationship. So, I have this friend who has been the same color since I met her twenty-years ago. There's absolutely nothing wrong with her color, it's blonde and beautiful and expertly executed. But sometimes I dream about giving her the most rich and velvety brunette hair color to make her eyes pop. I also fantasize about giving her a head of red hair to match her fiery personality. But blonde she stays, and it kills me a little every day. I think it's a lot like eating the same meal every single day. Delicious, predictable and after a certain amount of time, so boring. Hair color should be fun! Take that bold jump and try out a new hair color. If you've been doing the same thing for a few years then trust me, your colorist already has a few ideas picked out for you. Blonde is a go to color for most women where I live, but I'm here to tell you rich brunettes are where it's at! Jessica Chastain recently changed up her signature red to a gorgeous brunette. Whatever color you decide, make sure to ask your colorist what the maintenance will be, both in the salon and at home. Some colors, like blonde and vibrant reds require more frequent visits while more natural colors (colors close to your natural hair) can go a bit longer between visits. Home care may change as well, from something as simple as a change in your shampoo and conditioner to how you use your blow dryer and other tools. Hair that’s seen a lot of chemical processing should see the temperature on tools go down. Ask your colorist to add Matrix BondUltim8 to your color formula to protect your hair from any possible damage and make sure to take home the Matrix BondUltim8 Step 3 Sealer Treatment to protect your hair between visits.

Making any change, no matter how small, is a big deal. It can be scary to go past your comfort zone, especially when it comes to our hair. Recently a friend’s son described me as “the friend with all the hair colors” and it made me so happy. I’m currently walking around with mauve and lavender hair. I have fun with my hair, and because of my hair I have fun with my makeup, my clothes and my life. I find that I'm more open to new experiences and I'm more likely to say yes to things that are slightly scary. There's something about new hair that changes us, and it's so freeing. Whether you make a small change or you change everything about your hair, do it boldly and let that feeling permeate throughout your life. Let that new hair take you to new places.

Christy Miller is color specialist who lives in Southern California with her husband and 3 boys. When she's not coloring hair or educating for Matrix she can be found watching every super hero movie ever made and wondering if she should buy that lipstick.


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