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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Biolage Sugar Shine

“Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree?”

The Eurythmics sang it and we agree! Your sweet dreams of making hair shiny become a reality in three easy steps with SUGAR SHINE from Biolage. And who doesn’t want their dull hair to rise & shine, glow and radiate? Here’s how-- using the best products to reveal strong, shiny hair from the inside out!

“Just A Spoonful of Sugar”

You’ve no doubt seen the skincare regimes of “scrub, condition, polish”. Well, at Biolage, we developed a new approach to shine for your hair that is inspired by skincare. The first step is the pre-shampoo treatment, Polishing Hair Scrub, made of real sugar crystals that you can see and feel. It works directly on the surface of the hair to gently scrub away impurities while it nourishes. Think of it as an exfoliator for your hair polishing away dullness and creating an even canvas! Before you shampoo, just apply to damp hair in sections (about a teaspoon per section), massage it down the strand from root to tip until the sugar melts away and then rinse thoroughly. Use it weekly, or up to 3X a week…it’s so gentle and lightweight, you can even use it on your body!   


“Sweet Emotion”

The next step is to cleanse and condition with SUGAR SHINE Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo has a gentle, silicone-free lather that removes those dulling impurities. After the SUGAR SHINE Polishing Hair Scrub, just apply the shampoo to wet hair with a massaging motion. Then rinse. Follow with SUGAR SHINE Conditioner, leave in 1-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Its silicone-free moisture will leave your hair supple and nourished! Hold on, you’re almost there, one more step…you’ll hardly be able to contain the shine!


Introducing NEW Biolage Sugar Shine System!

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“Home Sweet Home”

The last step is the SUGAR SHINE Illuminating Mist. Just shake it up and mist it on damp or dry hair for an extra shiny finish. It seals the brilliance in your hair and has heat protection too. Comb through, blow-dry or style as usual and be sure to have your sunglasses close by!

One more shiny hair tip…when at the salon, ask your stylist for the professional-only Mega Gloss TreatmentIt’s an instant dose of shine and mirror-like reflection!

Ok, there you have it, now go out a get a little sugar (or put a little sugar on it) and shine on!

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