ColorSync Red Heads

Natural level 6

FORMULA A: 60g COLORINSIDER 8CC+ & 60g 9% (30V) COLORINSIDER Oil-Cream Developer
FORMULA B: 60g COLORINSIDER 7C & 60g 6% (20V) COLORINSIDER Oil-Cream Developer
FORMULA C: 45g COLOR SYNC 7CC+ & 15g SOBOOST Copper & 60g 2.7% (9V) COLOR SYNC Activator

Step 1:

Take a section from ear to ear across the top of the head. Secure the section at the back of the head. This is SECTION 1. Place a side parting. Secure creating SECTIONS 2 & 3.

Step 2:

Starting at the hairline in SECTION 2 take diagonal sections, place on foil and apply FORMULA A mid-lengths to ends, working up to the scalp, fold in craft method. Leave a 2cm gap apply FORMULA A in the same manner, continue until section is complete. Repeat in SECTION 3.

Step 3:

Apply FORMULA B in between the foils at the scalp area. Immediately apply FORMULA B to SECTION 1 in the same manner. Process for 15 minutes. To refresh apply FORMULA C to midlengths and ends. Process for a further 20 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and condition.

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