Perfect Holiday Crown Braid

Step 1

Curl hair using a 1-2 inch barrel curling iron depending on your length.

TIP: If you use a crimping iron prior to curling, it helps to add texture to your braids!

Step 2

Part your hair where you like to wear it, and take a small section from the front left, creating a 3 strand brand.

TIP: To evenly create a 3 strand braid, hold a section of hair and separate it with 2 fingers.

Step 3

Continue braiding this section on a diagonal until you run out of hair.

Step 4

This is what your 3 strand braid should look like before continuing.

Step 5

Continue on the right of the side of your head, following instructions from step 2.

Step 6

This should be the final look before continuing on to the next steps.

Step 7

Using a bobby pin, secure the left braid horizontally under the right braid.

Step 8

To finish off your look, follow instructions from step 7 to secure the right braid horizontally.

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