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Relaxed French Braid

relaxed french braid

Step 1:

On damp hair, apply Style Link Volume Builder Mousse and blow-dry.

Step 2:

Take a triangular section at the top of the head and start a standard French braid at the crown, do not add in any hair until you have braided about 3 inches of the hair.

Step 3:

Now add in the two front /side sections and carry on braiding another 2 inches, then add the next 2 front/side chunks of hair. Continue doing this until you get to the end.

Step 4:

Once the braid is secured you can go back and pull on the added in sections of hair. Give it a really good “pull”… it’s to look as relaxed as possible.

Step 5:

Continue this process until you have braided all your hair together. Secure approximately four inches from the bottom length.