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Curly Style: Braid


Step 1:

  • Transition from TEXTURED & LOOSE.
  • Start at the right side of the head.  Part hair along parietal ridge ending at the crown, clip for control.
  • Below parting, at hairline, take a vertical 2 inch section and divide into two equal horizontal sub-sections.
  • Twist both sub-sections to the right four times, then cross over the left.  

Step 2:

  • Begin to incorporate hair into the braid by adding approximately ½ inch of hair behind each of the sub-sections.
  • Repeat twisting and rope braiding technique. Continue in this manner, following the contour of the head, along the nape. Stop when you reach the ear.
  • For a more intricate look, continue to braid in a “U” pattern along the back of the head up to the crown.  

Step 3:

  • Starting behind the ear on the left side, repeat rope braid technique directing forward.
  • When recession area is reached, continue braiding to the ends and secure with elastic.
  • If length permits, wrap braid across front hairline, use bobby pins to secure.