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Elongated & Soft Curls


Step 1:

On wet hair, apply Curl Please Contouring Lotion to provide lightweight moisture.


Step 2:

Next, apply Curl Defrizzer Gel in small sections, holding the section at the base and twist/twirl to define and distribute evenly. Repeat this throughout whole head.


Step 3:

Using a diffuser, dry curls until completely dry.


Step 4:

Once hair is dry, add a cute headband & pin curls by locking pins in an ‘x’ formation. 


Pro Hack! For prolonged volume and a textured look, use Miss Mess Dry Finishing Spray, dries instantly and adds a matte finish.

Matrix Artistic Educator: Krystal McLeod - @beautyby.krys
Photographer: Krystal McLeod & Kristen Gallo
Makeup Artist: Kristen Gallo, @kristengallo_