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Bohemian Crown Braid

Styling - Little Black Book

Step 1:

  • Create a parting on the right side. Separate out three strands, apply Style Link Smooth Setter.
  • Begin to create an French braid, starting along the front hairline.
  • When reaching behind the ear, start taking sections from both top and bottom. 
  • Continue until reaching the center back and braid through to the ends. Secure with an elastic. Loosen the braid and expand each loop.

Step 2:

  • On the other side, begin create another French braid at the hairline.
  • Continue braiding and secure with an elastic.

Step 3:

  • When complete, crisscross the two braids and pin in place.
  • Continue to loosen braids for a more “bohemian” look. Spray with Style Link Style Fixer.