Beachside Braid

Step 1:

  • On damp hair, apply Style Link Airy Builder.
  • Blow-dry using a round brush starting at the nape and working up the head.

Step 2:

  • At top, blow-dry for volume at scalp area twisting and releasing brush at mid- lengths and ends.

Step 3:

  • When complete, spray individual sub-sections with Style Link Heat Buffer and using a curling iron direct nape section one way and using a smaller iron in section above, curl in opposite direction.
  • At top, curl away from the face for volume.

Step 4:

  • Part hair from ear to ear below crown and secure top.
  • Create a loose three strand braid at back while applying Style Link Grip Definer. Secure with elastic band, deconstruct.

Step 5:

  • In top section, including sides, divide vertically at back.
  • Separate in two, twist away from the face, loosen, secure with elastic band and pin ends under at center.
  • Maintain height at top. Combine organically into top of braided section.

Step 6:


Airy Builder Dry Texture Foam
Lightweight separation and reworkable body for a tousled look. Dry texture foam.

Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray
Heat protecting spray formula ensures your hair has a smooth and shiny finish free from heat damage.

Grip Definer Texture Cream
Lightweight grip for perfectly undone hair. Texture cream

Style Fixer Finishing Hairspray
Lasting hold and shine with an ultra dry finish.

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