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Classic Chignon


Step 1:

  • Transition from Cascading Curls by brushing through hair with cushion brush.
  • Separate front from back section using a parting across the top of the head and spray sections with Style Link Heat Buffer.

Step 2:

  • Using all hair in the back section, create three ponytails at the nape with bungee elastics.
  • To conceal elastic, wrap hair from underneath around the band and pin to secure. Spray with Style Link Style Fixer.

Step 3:

  • Backcomb ponytails. Wrap the left ponytail up, around and over the middle ponytail securing at the base of the right ponytail. Repeat on the right side.

Step 4:

  • Take remaining lengths from ponytails, tie into a knot and direct up and over. Pin in place.

Step 5:

  • At the front and side sections, direct back gently into the nape using a small amount of Style Link Over Achiever. Pin at back.