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Regal Wedding Hairstyle

Step 1:

Use Play Back Dry Shampoo to add body and volume. Gather the section around the parietal into a loose ponytail at the crown. Secure with an elastic. Create height by pulling and separating strands at the high point of the head.


Step 2:

Insert cushion underneath ponytail and roll towards base as you spread the hair to cover.


Step 3:

On the left side, divide section at ear. Using section behind ear, wrap around elastic and pin to secure leaving ends out. Repeat on right side.


Step 4:

Braid both sides from mid-lengths to ends and crisscross over the chignon. Pin in place.


Step 5:

Using sections in front of ear, twist, direct towards the back. Push section to deconstruct.


Step 6:

Tendrils at side hairline are loosely looped and placed to incorporate. This is the last step so don’t forget to finish your style with Style Fixer. Add a personal touch with something borrowed, something new, something classic, and something blue.