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Romantic Waves

Regal Wedding Hairstyle

Step 1:

On damp hair, apply Matrix Style Link Volume Builder Mousse, and distribute throughout.


Step 2:

Blow dry using a boar bristle round brush to achieve volume and smoothness.


Step 3:

Once the hair is 100% dry, section above the ear, and clip for control. Spray sub-section with Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer Thermal protectant. Using a 1 ¼ barrel curling iron, take vertical sub-sections and curl the hair away from the face.


Step 4:

Once complete, back brush crown for added height. Leave face frame section out, and pin top section below the crown.


Step 5:

Set hair with Matrix Style Link Volume Fixer and separate curl pattern for a detailed beach wave.


Step 6:

Add ornamental pieces as desired for finished look.