6 Hair Style and Hair Color Trends for Spring 2015

Blog Images_0004_6 Hair Style and Hair Color Trends for Spring 2015

When winter began, you couldn’t wait to tuck your hair into your crocheted ear flap hat and sail through the cold weather in cozy, warm style. But now—hear that? That’s the sound of birds chirping, flowers blooming and sun shining, which means it’s spring. And with spring, you can doff the wool cap and allow your hair to emerge in all of its warm weather glory! But first, here’s a look at the top hairstyle and hair color trends for Spring 2015 so you’ll be completely up-to-date!

1. Tortoiseshell Brunette

Ombrè hair color? That’s so 2013, declares Matrix Celebrity Hairstylist George Papanikolas!  Today’s hottest hair color for brunettes also sports a French name—ecaille—which means tortoiseshell.  Unlike the sharp contrast of ombrè—dark roots, light ends—ecaille is a subtle swirl of caramel, golden and amber highlights that gently lighten and brighten brown hair.  Hairstyle trendsetters like Gisele and Jessica Alba have already embrace tortoiseshell, which can be achieved with balanced, not-too-warm and not-too-cool shades from modern, professional hair color portfolios.   

3. Pastel Reds/Rose Gold

There’s a softer, gentler redhead in town—think pastel-washed strawberry and rose gold.  The modern redhead is pale, matte and delicate, says George, not bright or strident.  Celebrities like Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams are leading the trend, and the good news is these hair colors are extremely flattering for a wide range of complexions, which means that if you’ve been dying to try red hair, this could your time!  Even though these hair colors are meant to be understated, reds still need lots of TLC to prevent premature fading, so be sure to care for your new red color with gentle products designed to coddle your color. Another innovation—conditioning cleansers—are also excellent choices if you want to preserve your hair color for as long as possible.  They leave hair soft and frizz free without drying or stripping hair color.

2. Bombshell Blonde

Ready to enter the ultra-glam zone?  Celebrities like Kim Kardashian (briefly), Rita Ora, and Madonna in the ‘80s are the touchstones for the platinum blonde hair color trend!  These ultra-light hair colors are done on dark hair, says George, so there’s no doubt that they’re completely and fabulously fake. So cheeky! Sport these hair colors with a bit of dark root, charcoal eyebrows and red lipstick.  Remember, though, it’s important to keep lightened hair in the best possible condition with regular conditioning treatments and masques!  And don’t try this at home—let a salon professional do the job!


4. Lobs and Wobs

These cuts aren’t brand new but they’re still going strong for spring, as more and more women embrace the fresh, healthy look of long bobs and wavy bobs. Dozens of celebrities—from Taylor Swift to Lily Collins—have submitted to the shears, emerging with bouncy haircuts that hit anywhere from the chin to the collarbone.  These cuts make fine hair look fuller, notes George, and if your hair is thick, ask your stylist for interior layers or even an undercut where no one can see it in order to control the bulk.  Wavy bobs have an organic appearance—as if they fell into place naturally—but if your hair doesn’t cooperate, try a texturizing spray or styling crème and a styling iron to encourage this modern shape.

5.  Braids

Fishtail, three-strand, Dutch, double-twist, Bohemian—when it comes to hairstyles this season, it’s all about the braid.  Fashioned as a stand-alone style, incorporated into chignons or upsweeps, or used as a crowning accent, there are a million ways to bring braids into your hairstyle.  And if you’re all thumbs?  No worries! If braiding isn’t your gift, just go ahead and knot your hair to produce cool, braid-like effects.  Modern braids are loose, textured and even a bit messy says George, so one tip is to prep your hair with a texturizing spray or texturizing powder before braiding, to give your hair some “grip” and keep the braid from slipping.


6. Barely-There Waves

The perfectly-formed, crisp mermaid wave trend of the past few seasons has sailed, notes George. In their place? This season’s modern texture is more gently formed with casual creases and soft movement—almost as if they were an afterthought!  Use a large curling iron to shape the waves, then rake through with your fingers to loosen and relax the curl.  If your hair already has natural texture, apply a curl-enhancing styling product, scrunch it into your hair with your fingers and let your hair air dry, or dry it with a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer!