Introducing M Life: The first-ever Matrix miniseries hosted by Alfredo Lewis

Curious about the inside story and behind the scenes details of your favorite stylists? Wonder no more! Introducing Matrix M Life, the first-ever original video miniseries produced by Matrix! The M Life showcases the voices, stories, and salon secrets of some of the professional hair industry’s most celebrated artists. This brand new series, hosted by Matrix’s Head of Education and celebrity stylist Alfredo Lewis, brings you an inside look into the stories, struggles, and successes of the Matrix M Team and how they grew to become the people they are today, both in front of and behind the chair.

Welcome to the M Life

M Life Episode 1: If A Curl Could Dream

In the premiere episode, Kara Williams, a hairstylist, independent educator, and salon owner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sits down to share her journey and the risks she had to take to become a success stylist. And for the first time, Kara gives a hands-on demonstration on her client Char, to show her favorite brick lay balayage techniques using Matrix's first ever pattern preserving Lightening system, Curl Lights, designed specifically for curly & coily hair.

M Life Episode 2: Hair Types. All Humans.

Introducing Greg Gilmore, hairstylist, colorist, and vibe creator! In this episode of M Life, Alfredo Lewis, Matrix's Head of Education, dives into all things Beauty School, overcoming obstacles and honing your craft with Greg. Greg also demonstrates a babylights technique he loves to use on his clients!

M Life Episode 3: King of Transformations

Eric Vaughn, owner of Rev Salon, and the artist known as the king of hair transformations, sits down with Matrix Head of Education, Alfredo Lewis. In this episode of M Life, Eric opens up about his personal struggles with overcoming imposter syndrome and his sobriety + going after what you want and being a mentor.

M Life Episode 4: Muy Melted, Yo Soy Yo

Meet Pati Rodriguez - Matrix bi-lingual educator and color melting expert. In this episode of M Life, Pati talks about her mission to offer more education in Spanish and her "upbringing" in the beauty industry. She also shows us a high impact but minimal color melting technique!

M Life Episode 5: Daring to Take Risks

Wig and rainbow hair specialist Cynthia Lumzy stars in this episode of the M Life! This seasoned veteran covers it all, from her beauty school experience to tackling social issues + she talks about making the switch from behind the chair to work from home wig extraordinaire!

M Life will be a recurring series, with new episodes airing monthly on Matrix's YouTube channel. Each episode will feature a M Team member including Kara Williams, Eric Vaughn, Greg Gilmore, Pati Rodriguez, and Cynthia Lumzy. Tune in to each episode to hear the artists individual stories, life challenges, and achievements while getting a glimpse at the newest Matrix innovations and techniques from the experts themselves.