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  • Bond Ultim8

    Bond Ultim8

    Bond Ultim8 prevents bond breakage during chemical hair process and protects the bonds over time. Protect bonds with 8 benefits in 1.
  • matrix Light Master Haircolor
    Hair Color/Products/Light-Master

    Light Master

    Eliminates warm, yellow undertones to reveal clear, sparkling, ultra light tones.
  • Matrix OilWonders VolumeRose Volume Finishing Hairspray

    Volume Rose Finishing spray

    Provides continuous lift, all-over volume and shine
  • Oil Wonders Styling Shaping Oil Cream

    Shaping Oil Cream

    Nourishes and shapes hair in one step for enhanced softness and shine, with natural movement and definition.
  • Oil Wonders Volume Rose Conditioner

    Volume Rose Conditioner

    Volume conditioner that penetrates 2X deeper for petal soft nourishment.
  • Oil Wonders Haircare Mirco-Oil Shampoo

    Micro-Oil Shampoo

    Cleansing and nourishment while providing softness and shine. Contains argan oil.
  • Oil Wonders Haircare Indian Amla

    Indian Amla

    Renews fragile, weakened hair for restored strength while enhancing softness and shine.
  • Oil Wonders Haircare Amazonian MuruMuru

    Amazonian MuruMuru

    Controls and tames rebelious, frizzy hair to provide smoothness while enhancing softness and shine.
  • Total Results Haircare Pro Solutionist Instacure Leave-In Treatment

    Pro Solutionist Instacure

    Smooth cuticle damage and condition overporous hair.
  • Total Results Haircare Pro Solutionist Clarifying Shampoo

    Pro Solutionist Alternate Action

    Deep cleanses to help lift away product buildup without stripping natural oils.

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