How To Find The Perfect Blonde Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Nowadays there’s great news for everyone with blonde ambitions! Anyone can achieve some shade of blonde hair color, regardless of your natural shade....

Five Ways to Wear Bangs this Fall And Winter

Nov 28 2016
By Megan LaCore
After several long months of messy buns and ponytails, our hair has a tendency to come out of hiding for the winter. Long locks can be flattering, but...

15 Trending Haircuts for 2016

Is this the year you ask your stylist to whip out the shears and craft a new haircut? Or maybe it’s just time for a subtle update for your short, med...

The Top 6 Braid Hairstyle Trends of 2016

Nov 08 2016
By Jackie Summers
Braids are like jewelry for your hair. There isn’t a hairstyle that doesn’t look prettier, more polished or more interesting when it contains a braid...


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