Summer Blonde Hair Color Forecast


The 23 Best Brunette Hair Color Shades

Brown is such an ordinary word, and it doesn’t begin to do justice to the incredible and beautiful range of brunette haircolor shades. From honey to ...

Take A Powder

Ahhh. Long days, lots of sunshine, warm breezes. Summer is sweet. It’s also sticky—just ask your hairstyle! Is it possible to avoid a warm weather hai...

Volumizing Tips for Thin Hair

Admit it. When you flip through the Victoria’s Secret catalog, it’s not just those long legs and flat tummies you envy. It’s that thick, luscious-lo...
Biolage Matrix

Updo Tips For Summer Nights

Seriously—is anything sexier than a casual updo when you’re wearing a flirty summer dress? It exposes your tanned neck and great cheekbones—not to men...
Biolage Matrix

The 13 Best Volumizing Styling Tips for Fine, Thin Hair

Does it sometimes seem as if you and your fine hair are constantly at war? You fluff it up, it falls down. You move it here, it travels back over ther...

7 Hair Style and Hair Color Trends for Summer 2015

Jul 09 2015
By John
The sunshine, the gentle breezes, the long days, the flip-flops, the icy cocktails. Why oh why can’t it be summer all year round? It’s party time, a...
Matrix Biolage

6 Hair Style and Hair Color Trends for Spring 2015

When winter began, you couldn’t wait to tuck your hair into your crocheted ear flap hat and sail through the cold weather in cozy, warm style. But no...

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