Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Matrix's professional hair color products offer a variety of shades and brands for demi-permanent hair color.

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Deposit-only hair color, best used to match, deepen or change tone of natural hair color. Color is long-lasting (four to six weeks), and leaves little to no line of demarcation.

Bond Ultim8

Bond Ultim8 prevents bond breakage during chemical hair process and protects the bonds over time. Protect bonds with 8 benefits in 1.

Color Sync Ammonia-Free Demi-Color

The only Demi Color with Cera-Oil Priming Complex, now formulated with 2X more ceramides.

Gloss Sync

Demi-Permanent Haircolor that's long-lasting shades that won't go dark.


Vibrant haircolor available in an extensive palette of shades.

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