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#teamsummit is made up of a dynamic and diverse group of individuals who share a set of core values and a passion for growing others through servant leadership. We believe that everyone in our industry has the ability to achieve success and prosperity.
We are salon, school, spa and barbershop owners. We are service providers and guest service experts. We are accountants, web developers, educators and coaches - but more importantly, we are deeply committed to helping you realize your vision and your goals.
We are here to meet you where you're at, and guide you to the top!
Summit Salon Business Center, in exclusive partnership with L’Oréal Professional Products, is committed to ensuring the business and personal success of every salon and spa professional. Our program boosts salon efficiency and cash flow by helping salons work better. L’Oréal Professional Products brands support our efforts in elevating the salon industry by making Summit available to salons that have a desire to become a trusted partner.

This program is designed to help salons develop the skills to:

  • Bring first and second year employees to a level of performance that greatly exceeds that of the average 5-10 year employee
  • Empower salons 5-10 year employees to break out of their rut, become high level team players and valuable mentors to new employees
  • Create a growth oriented, team environment where employees take responsibility for passing The Summit system on to new team members
  • Manage salon business with a much higher degree of knowledge and understanding based on “the truth” rather than emotion
  • Increase salon’s profit margin dramatically
  • Experience significant increases in salon staff retention, morale, focus and commitment
  • Improve all facets of guest service drastically
  • Implement a system to “grow your own” new employees and never again be held hostage
  • Breathe!

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